Updated Assignments and Meeting Times

A recap from today’s adjustments to the assignment and meeting times.

  • On Thurs, 4/24 we are meeting in Katz 007 for an open working lab.
  • On Thurs, 5/1 I will keep CH105 open from 3pm-5:15pm for a working lab. Attending the full session is optional, but 4-5:15 is mandatory.
  • On Thurs, 5/8 I will keep CH105 open from 3pm-5:15pm for a working lab. This session is optional. But please email me if you’re coming.

I also updated the Edgar Snow Exhibit assignment to reflect our discussion. The guidelines I arrived as is that your extended narrative on Snow must be 1,000 words at a minimum, and you can split the other 1,000 words between the item captions or in enhancing the text.

Next, I checked and our final exam time is Friday, May 16, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. So this is when we will have our Edgar Snow launch party. By this date, you should have the first draft on your exhibit complete, and be prepared to present it to our invited guests.

Quick Omeka Assignment for Thursday’s Class

Hey Everyone,

I’ve spent my morning preparing how to walk all of you through how to tell someone’s biography on a map when it struck me–we could tell our OWN biography’s on a map for practice!

So this is what I’d like to do during tomorrow’s class. But to do this, we’re going to need some material to build with. So here is what I would like you to do this evening:

1. sign into our project omeka site: edgarsnowproject.org/admin

2. Go to the “items” page, and then upload about 5-6 that briefly illustrate your biography. You don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this, because again this is just practice. Simply add an item, give it a brief title, and add a file to it. You’ll see I added some items already for my own biography. I did this in 10 minutes just pulling pictures from facebook.

3. Make sure to hit save/add and NEVER, EVER hit delete. If you need a refersher for adding items, just see the hand out I made.

We’ll use these images to learn how to use Neatline and make little mini exhibits on us. I think it’ll be fun.

So we’ll see you in 105 tomorrow.

Exhibit Section

Since there’s still some confusion on who has what exhibit section, here is what my email correspondence confirms:

  • 1905-1929: Wanderer to Journalist (Autumn)
  • 1929-1936: Apprentice to Master (Caitlin)
  • 1936-1941: Journalist to Activist (Emma)
  • 1942-1959: Citizen to Outcast (Caitlin)
  • 1959-1972: Exile to Insider (Jacquada)

Our Marathon: Crowdsourced Digital Collection

Brief note for today’s discussion. I forgot to include a project example of a current, ongoing crowdsourced archive for you to check out. If you have the chance before class, check out the Our Marathon project by Northeastern University. It’s a great project to learn from, as they’ve really built upon best practices. Take note how it works, and how they solicit contributions.